The TA Platform fully integrates all the TA applications

Any combination of data is possible as a result

IT Manager

  • Communications management – easy procedure for handling communications
  • Automatic synchronization of communications & package size management
  • Facilities to restrict and control package sizes
  • Easy upgrades through interoperability of software versions between office and ships
  • Easily interoperable upgrades
  • Tracking of the upgrading process
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Integration with other software
  • User management
  • Customization of screens
  • Database management
  • GUI for configuring the business model
  • Remote tracking and update of business module on the ships from the office
  • GUI for defining and editing workflows
  • API availability for clients to develop their own plug-ins
  • Alerts and warnings management
  • Field level access definitions
  • Full open data dictionary
  • User defined fields
  • Full automated tracking of all user actions
  • Built-in reporting module with designer facilities
  • Integrated data from all Task Assistant modules allows an unlimited number of reports
  • Linking of performance reports and statistics to any role profile