- Purchasing
- Inventory Management
- Budget Management

Inventory Management

Ulysses Systems caring technology ensures Inventory Management is an integral part of Maintenance and Purchasing. This means that customers’ staff, the managers, officers and engineers can link spares consumption to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Furthermore, and importantly, the ROB (Remaining-on-board) status of spares and stores is transparent. As a result, customers of the Task Assistant ® for Inventory Management own and run an inventory that is trustworthy to the last article and cent without ever a duplication on any material.

Keeping on top of your inventory

Also, keeping on top of your inventory is straightforward. Because replenishment is recorded seamlessly at PO delivery and storage locations can be assigned at a later date. Practically, this means that busy crew members report item deliveries directly via POs to inventory locations when this is convenient.

First In First Out

The system also incorporates inventory cost control facilities using First In First Out, Last in First Out tagging and Average Value settings. This drives better management and ‘housekeeping’ as the oldest costs are the first costs of consumables to be taken from the balance sheet. As the system always ensures you consume the oldest spares first, you minimise the risk of wasted inventory or inventory becoming obsolete.

Key Features

Inventory Management for spares and stores items onboard and ashore

Users can review inventory of spares from maintenance jobs

Report deliveries from PO directly to inventory locations

Manage ‘New’, ‘Used’, ‘Emergency’ Spares Inventory Statuses

Components: Machinery Condition Status management

Real Time Budget Consumption

Track specific spare or store item consumption across fleets

Inventory Cost Control via FIFO/LIFO/Average values

Office managers review ROB of spares from maintenance jobs.

Integration with 3rd party warehousing modules

Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) Compliance

No duplication under any circumstances on any Material