Technical Management
Technical Management

- Planned Maintenance
- Unplanned Maintenance
- Asset Management

Unplanned Maintenance

Complementing the Planned Maintenance system is the Unplanned Maintenance module. This extension is crafted to address the unforeseeable ad-hoc repairs, and defects. And also, superintendents’ visits onboard, along with Service Order descriptions. It acts as a crucial support system that ensures even the unexpected maintenance tasks are managed efficiently, minimizing disruption and downtime.

Key Features

Unscheduled Job Creation

Defect Management

Plan Spares/Consumables and Services Needs for unplanned events

Office roles create unplanned and outstanding jobs for vessels

Fleetwide Multi-Cast Unplanned Work

Integration with Inspection Module

Unscheduled Job Management and Closure

Measure Unplanned versus Planned Maintenance Cost

Vertical Overview of Defects across the Fleet

Vertical Overviewby Component Type/Family and more

Overview of Open Defects on TA Mobile and TA Tablet

Transparent Drill Down Benefits Link Defects with Out of order Status