Ensuring that you have reliable Task Assistant assistance when you need it is a key element of our support service offering.
Ulysses Support team is committed to deliver:

  • Rapid response times
  • Timely issue resolution
  • High effort levels
  • Professionalism and polite communication
  • Permanent solutions over patching and data fixes
  • High expertise


Task Assistant upgrades come free of charge for Ulysses’ customer base.

A new version is released every twelve to eighteen months with all clients running the current or previous versions.

Ulysses ensures that:

  • Customisations, configurations and interfaces are compatible with the new version
  • Current and previous versions are compatible


Ulysses offers full-scale software deployment services to help get customers up and running quickly on Task Assistant.

Configuration & Development

Ulysses Systems will configure the Task Assistant according to specific customer needs.
It also offers development services to suit unique or challenging business requirements on top of the TA Platform without them being affected by future releases.

Management Reporting & Alerting

  • Customized Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Development of DataMarts, ETL, Cubes for TA and 3rd party applications
  • Mobile and e-mail Alerts
  • Emergency Response Alerting

Integration & Interfacing

Ulysses offers Task Assistant Platform integrations and interfacing with non-TA products.



We offer a range of consulting services to assist your business.

  • Data & content management
  • Quality management assistance for Task Assistant
  • Assistance with manual and reporting forms, including writing, design and template creation
  • IT department solutions
  • Communications consulting, including ship-shore and email consulting services

Data Population

Recognizing that good representative data is critical for the successful utilization and maximization of returns for your software solutions investment, Ulysses offers very competitively priced full-range turnkey data population services through a dedicated independent Services organization specialized and highly experienced in such work.

Quality assurance and verification to ensure accuracy and timely delivery are given highest priority.

Inventory Management

In today’s shipping world accurate inventory management is vital in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and compliance.
Ulysses provides enhanced inventory management services in which an experienced marine engineer visits your vessels.

The full service includes:

  • The identification and accounting of spares
  • Tagging of spares
  • Barcoding
  • Updating the latest inventory data into the Task Assistant