Technical Management
Technical Management

- Planned Maintenance
- Unplanned Maintenance
- Asset Management

Asset Management

The Asset Management component of the Task Assistant suite stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to the longevity and operational excellence of the fleet. It enables Ship Managers to optimize maintenance schemes and reduce technical downtimes through a focus on the fleet’s long-term health. Pivotal to Asset Management is the Central Component Library, a robust repository of knowledge and data that has been meticulously designed and enhanced with every release of the Task Assistant platform since 2002.

Central Components Library

There will never be a need for duplication in Task Assistant

Unique “Families” Feature for Component Custom Indexes

Generic Jobs can be linked to all types of Machines and Systems.

Smart Linking of Spares to Components

Dynamic linking of Drawings and Multiple Positions

Before creating or changing data

Smart Custom Defined Fields for Master Activities Definition.

Declare Forecast for Services, Spares, Consumables and Tools

Relate to Components, Spares, Activities, Activity Types and to Unscheduled Job Types

Ship managers benefit from a wide variety of quality control features

Asset Management Features

Fleetwide Maintenance Overview

Monitor Defects across Ships or by Component Types

Calculation of Cost Spent on Maintenance per Master Component/s

Calculation of Expected Cost versus Un-Expected Cost.

Component Life Cycle Management

Relate Failure Root Cause Reports to Component Types and Master Activities