Slide Sustainable

"TMS Tankers has fully tailored
the Task Assistant to its needs using
the Platform Facilities offered by Ulysses.
These features have been continuously supported and upgraded since 2006."

TMS Tankers
Slide Sustainable 2

"In-house configurations that are enabled by the ‘Task Assistant Service Workbench’ can be applied immediately and maintained indefinitely."

TMS Tankers
Slide Usable

“On the first 30 vessels, Task Assistant
was successfully deployed with
no training whatsoever.
Crew usage rates hit 100% within 4 months."

Slide Configurable

“Modelling, design, execution, and maintenance of business activities
across different departments and
physical locations is simplified by
TA Workbench facilities."

John T. Essberger
Slide Configurable 2

“By enabling an unrestricted combination
of views, users, tasks and contexts, the
Task Assistant helps your organization
unlock its fullest potential."

John T. Essberger
Slide Scalable

“Possibly the largest, single database Fleet Management installation in the world runs
on the Task Assistant at Bourbon Offshore”.

Slide Scalable 2

“With such a heavy number of concurrent users performing transactions over more than a decade, Ulysses has proven a reliable partner in providing our personnel with timely and reliable business information.”

Slide Adaptable

"We selected a system that could best manage a hasty deployment:
One that could be deployed and tweaked process by process."

Slide Adaptable 2

"Task Assistant provides automation tools to build tasks and workflows without coding: Work that can be done by
an in-house administrator."

Slide Actionable

“At Naftomar, due to ease of use, and
the reliable data that results from this, inventory is reported according to FiFo standards.”

Slide Actionable 2

“Limiting the amount of duplicates and maintaining a tidy database is a prerequisite in fully leveraging the benefits of an online market place such as ShipServ.

TA fully integrates with ShipServ to enable a streamlined procurement process.”

Slide Actionable 3

“Although we have data on 328,000 individual items of machinery such as pump, prime movers etc., the data we actually manage is only 20,000 unique machines.”

Slide Integrable

"TA Purchasing fully integrates SAP, our main financial solution.
In a little less than 6 years 50000 purchase orders have been sent from TA to SAP."

John T. Essberger
Slide Task Manager

"Ulysses Task Assistant is known to encourage structured data entry and reconciliation where our vessels can feed our organization with reliable and actionable information"

Slide Applications Workbench

"Task Assistant and ShipServ integration allows shipmanagers to automate their procurement process end-to-end"

Slide Applications Upgrade

"Execution was even trickier considering that three vessels had vetting inspections at the time of the upgrades, but in the end disruption and downtime were both minimal"

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