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Solutions Products Task Assistant® R11 Release

Task Assistant® R11 Preview

We are thrilled to announce the Task Assistant® R11 Release!
R11 is the protagonist of the Ulysses Systems Athens Conference @ the Cube, October 2023, Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4! After the event we will follow-up with a review. So stay tuned with us!

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Usability The Key in Software


USABILITY The time you spend doing the transaction using the software Usability usually makes or breaks the success of a software system. Unless the user

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Handhelds Bring Us Back To Basics

UI Basics

Handheld devices bring us back to the basics of UI and Usability an article by Dimitris Lyras In this article about User Interface design, Dimitris

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Task Assistant Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting A Task Assistant® Use Case Rich Results The transactions between Task Assistant® and SAP at Gaslog renders rich results. For example, in 2023

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