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Task Assistant understands your role’s task goals within the processes of your organization providing significant performance support tailored to your role.

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Ulysses uses its unique tasks orientation to manage documents flows in the enterprise as required for Quality Safety and Operations departments of shipping companies. Unlike conventional document management systems used by these departments, the Task Assistant provides an indexing system that vastly increases the value of document management, and vastly reduces the time needed to file or retrieve documents to achieve co-ordination.

  • Assembly of the corporate memory must not be a separate task from the day to day duties of company personnel: it must be a by-product of their work.
  • The corporate experience must be efficiently managed and distributed in a form that convinces the relevant operator that, before each critical task, he must take it into account.
  • It should be delivered at the relevant time to prevent a non-compliance or to support a critical action and in the context of the task in hand. In addition to the unique features that Task Orientation offers, the quality safety and operations module provide;

Task assistant can help you in

  • Efficiently coordinate and monitor quality and safety records.
  • Manage the external quality audits.
  • Provide accurate follow-up on the incoming Master’s Review Reports under the requirements of various codes and regulations
  • Quickly review all contingency plans, allowing you to respond quickly, and facilitating immediate action between departments.
  • Efficiently familiarise yourself with the vessel’s safety equipment maintenance history. Without Task Assistant this information is normally dispersed across email files, other communication files, maintenance record files, internal notes, vendor invoices etc..
  • Easily familiarise yourself with the quality management system manuals, company instructions and amendments.
  • Quickly locate the correct forms and paperwork regarding all ship and crew matters.
  • Effectively integrate all your SMS system, ISPS and any electronic based Static information available to your company.
  • Easily demonstrate continuous improvement of company procedures with the facility to review a list of all the users' feedback (annotation types) collectively or individually on the company distributed SMS system.

The Quality Module provides analysis and alerting tools for the quality manager so as to more easily manage non conformities, safety meetings, and many quality related activities in large fleets. It augments in companies where there is a serious shortage of shore personnel for the quality tasks, by providing further documentation tracking tools to assist in audits.