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Task Assistant can help you to:

  • Instantly access the technical history of vessels, including information such as historic detours, diagnosis work and solutions.
  • Coordinate critical organisational tasks such as down time planning and approval
  • Simplify the process for managing and maintaining survey and audit reports for the issue of certificates.
  • Efficiently plan and monitor all repairs, maintenance and dry dock activities.
  • Provide cost-effective management of requisitions and spare parts ordering.
  • Facilitate the review and planning, in coordination with all ashore and onboard staff, of all contingency plans.

An example
Suppose your chartering department, in looking at a favourable fixture, asks your technical support department if they can make efficient use of five slack days in the vessel's schedule before its next loading operation. How quickly can your technical department respond? What is the value of an accurate well-prepared answer?

Coordination of critical issues
Task Assistant will collect the background and current information for each stakeholder required for the coordination process necessary to make use of the five slack days.

Task Assistant could assist in the following:

  • View current downtime coordination sheet (an optional form used to coordinate the views of Chartering, Technical, Operations and Fleet Management on the subject of downtime)
  • View the Chief Engineer's pending maintenance requiring downtime
  • Automatically address blank forms and memos on the subject of downtime to the relevant stakeholders
  • View port information so as to facilitate checking anchorage or layby berth information.

Better response to changes in events
When ship schedules change, the resulting reorganisation is intense. The easier it is to coordinate the rescheduling, the more likely we are to gain income and minimise expenses.

How quickly can your technical purchasing operations reschedule their perspective coordination efforts to respond in the most cost effective way?

More time to optimise
The less time wasted in handling information, the more time you will have to prepare for events, and to optimise the following:

  • Ideal cargo lift compared to bunker prices.
  • Scheduling for crew changes.
  • Repair schedules on vessels.
  • Estimates of downtime.
  • Maintenance planning.
  • Freight collection.