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Vessel operation involves critical management tasks which we expect to be done efficiently while the vessels are run by different officers and crew members at different times. The information needed to manage each vessel is vast, yet we expect new people on board to be able to find all the information necessary to achieve an efficient and safe operation. Furthermore we have no data or filing specialists on board.

How many times you are looking for a critical piece of information that you need for the job that you are about to do, and cannot find it?
Wouldn’t it be safer and more labour efficient, if you could be presented with critical information that is absolutely necessary to the job you are going to do?
How often have you encountered occasions when missing information such as missing machinery experience information, missing co-ordination, missing cargo experience, missing port experience, and any information known to one part of the company/vessels and not to another has led to the cause of a costly incident or loss of time?
So, Task Assistant is vastly superior in its user-friendliness and its ergonomic design to systems that can work ashore where we can employ more permanent and less expensive staff.

Task Assistant can help you to:

  • Efficiently familiarise yourself with the vessel’s maintenance spares and incident history. Without Task Assistant this information is normally highly dispersed across email files, communication files, maintenance record files, internal notes, hand over lists etc.
  • Audit the proper function of the quality management system, as handled by the officers and crew.
  • Efficiently familiarise yourself with previous voyage histories in order to facilitate management and paperwork of present voyage.
  • Quickly locate the quality management system manuals, company instructions and amendments.
  • Quickly locate the forms and paperwork related to all ship and crew matters.