Press Release 12/07/2001

Ulysses Systems brings experienced team to new US headquarters in Detroit

DETROIT 12 July 2001: - Ulysses Systems Inc., a leading worldwide provider of computer products and services, has announced the opening of its US headquarters in Detroit/Livonia to serve the global maritime trade, in addition to the oil & gas and power generation industries.

The opening of Ulysses' hub in Detroit is the fifth office located in the United States, joining those in Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans and Jacksonville, Florida. With an aggressive growth plan, and a contingent of customer service and support personnel in the US numbering about 30, Ulysses plans to increase the number of employees to over 100 in the next 18 months.

Ulysses' CEO Tom Leskie, a 27-year IT veteran of the telecommunications, automotive and computer software industries, says, "We have assembled a management team of top-notch professionals here in Detroit. Tom McDoniel, our vice president of global sales, has an operating system/engineering background, and brings 26 years of sales experience with both large and small companies. Ed Comai, our chief marketing officer, offers 23 years' marketing experience with computer systems and software, including heading the GPS product marketing team at the former Rockwell International.

According to Leskie, most industries today are taking their computer systems to the next level, to where they become a real tool for the user an all-purpose information appliance.

"Our company designs software that is intuitive, and that can be readily configured to what a person actually does on the job," he says. "We make the computer fully integrated with an employee''s daily tasks."

As an example of this new approach, Ulysses' flagship software product is called Task Assistant, a groundbreaking software system for ship management. Task Assistant details and documents the entire ship management process, step-by-step, task-by-task according to job function. The program provides shipboard personnel with a variety of forms and checklists, along with access to online manuals, documents, records, or company communications they may need. It guides the user and keeps records of every interaction, including every message and every completed task.

About Ulysses Systems, Inc.
With its US headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, Ulysses Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of computer products and services that offer business intelligence solutions to a variety of industries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. With about 100 employees worldwide, the company also maintains a European headquarters in London [Ulysses Systems (UK) Limited] and an office in South America. Ulysses Systems recently announced a strategic alliance with Open Text Corporation to integrate Task Assistant ship management software with Open Text's Livelink web-based collaborative knowledge management system to provide a comprehensive solution for sharing critical shipping information.