Ulysses Systems Survey

Task Assistant Evaluation

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1. From a scale of 1-10 how do you rate your Task Assistant experience?
(1:Terrible, 10: Great)

2. Based on your previous experiences, Ulysses’ Task Assistant is:

3. Usability
  • Helps find things quickly
  • Helps complete tasks quickly
  • Helps you minimize mistakes

3.a How do you rank the Task Assistant in terms of usability?                                                

3.b. I find usability to be:                                                                                                                                                            

4. Αsthetics
  • Provides a more pleasant daily experience
  • Has a modern look and feel

4.a. How do you rank the Task Assistant in terms of aesthetics?                                            

4.b. I find aesthetics to be:                                                                          

5. Rich in features
  • Less work done outside the system
  • Requires few changes in order to fit your company/department specific business needs
  • Less information held outside the system
  • Requires fewer workarounds minimizing mistakes and confusion

5.a. How do you rank the Task Assistant in terms of quantity of features?                        

5.b.I find quantity of features to be:                                                      

6. Performance
  • Responds quickly
  • Crashes infrequently/ Has fewer errors

6.a. How do you rank the Task Assistant in terms of performance?                                     

6.b. I find performance to be:

7. Analytics
  • Assists in revealing trends and gaps
  • Assists with gathering and analysing KPI’s
  • Facilitates benchmarking vessels, fleets, companies

7.a. How do you rank the Task Assistant in terns of analytics?                                               

7.b. I find analytics to be:                                                  

8. Data quality
  • Produces accurate, reliable data
  • Offers facilities to enter data efficiently, maintain quality and correct mistakes in order to offer data integrity

8.a. How do you rank the Task Assistant in terms of data quality?                                                                                                      

8.b. I find data quality to be:                                                                     

9. Support
  • Customer support is quick to respond
  • Customer support is effective in dealing with issues

9.a. How do you rank the Task Assistant in terms of support?                                                                                                                                                              

9.b. I find support to be:                           

10. Is there any other aspect of software that you feel is important? If so, please list below.