Ulysses Systems Survey

Support Evaluation


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1.a. Response / Resolution Time
  • Engineer responds quickly
  • Issues are resolved quickly                                                                         

1.b. For me response time is:                                                                 

2.a. Effort level
  • Support engineer grasps the level urgency of your situation
  • Responds with high urgency to high urgency situations

2.b. For me effort level is:                                                                         

3.a. Manners, Professionalism & Communication
  • Support engineer is polite and professional in his/her communication with you
  • Written and oral communication is clear and comprehensible

3.b. For the manners, professionalism and communication is:

4.a. Follow up / Permanent solutions
  • Support engineer does not offer short-term solutions
  • If a short-term solution has been applied, support engineer follows up in order to offer a long-term solution

4.b. For me follow-up is:                                                                          

5.a. Knowledge level
  • Engineer’s technical knowledge is good enough to resolve my issues
  • Engineer’s knowledge of the Task Assistant is good enough to resolve my issues
  • Engineer’s knowledge of my company issues is good enough to assist me

5.b. For me knowledge level is:                                                               

6. Is there any extra remark you wish to do? If so, please list below: