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Ulysses Systems is an ECSO member. In the frame of ECSO Cybersecurity Awareness, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), has promoted this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Calendar. The ECSO Calendar features a different topic each month. Firstly, with the aim to spread awareness of the relevant areas and key aspects of cybersecurity. Secondly, so as to showcase solutions and services proposed by ECSO Members’ and Partners  to potential users. The April 2022 Calendar’s featured topic was Artificial Intelligence. In this article we present Ulysses Systems’ contribution. 

ECSO member, Ulysses Systems, on Artificial Intelligence

In April, Ulysses Systems presented possible future developments in Artificial Intelligence. April presented ECSO members with the opportunity to promote awareness of their AI research, solutions and services relevant to key aspects of cybersecurity. For example, threat detection, understanding behavioural patterns, cybersecurity deployment, merging software development with AI, and more…

Merging Software Development with AI developments

Ulysses Systems is keen to merge software developments with AI developments. The reason is, that it will help the business enterprise in all aspects. Such as cybersecurity, unified data, integration, standardisation, crew management, etc.

A way of looking at the future of AI

Looking ahead into the future. More than likely we will no longer be satisfied with AI providing decision-making guidance to humans based on commands. Much like we want autonomous vehicles to be aware of the surrounding world, we may want computers to be aware of the world, to save us providing them with explicit instructions, as we do today.

That is, we provide commands without the computer being able to relate and make sense, in a cumulative way, of all the commands and data provided. So out of the initiatives that can make computing more effective, is covering the ground to emulate the amount of varied information that humans can process.

To this end, the EU, in generating the rules and the legislation regarding AI, needs to build on the broader assumption that as AI evolves, needs for new development will arise. Certainly explainability, the key concern in AI today, might still be the key concern tomorrow. But we must concede that if the computer was taught more about the world, it would help validate similarity and equivalence to the enormous benefit of cybersecurity.

In the frame of the ECSO Cybersecurity Awareness Work to generate rules and legislation for AI that can apply, today and in the future

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