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Ulysses Systems continues to grow as global software company evolving from its Shipping Industry roots into a different kind of information management solution supplier.

Where most established companies have focused on computing efficiency and applying automation to clerical tasks, Ulysses Systems is dedicated to improving collaborative decision-making in the enterprise.

We have been investing in research and development for 20 years. Our platform-based solutions follow the principles of cognitive thinking and case-based problem-solving. Our practical solutions are based on cognitive science with a focus on understanding how people make decisions in an enterprise environment.  Our research and development is based on how to apply these principles to enterprise systems and for this we have applied for and issued several patents.

Current technology; A current example of the innovation introduced by our patented platform is about to utilize the scalability and extensibility of No SQL databases. It exploits the ability to change schema dynamically and maintains diverse heterogeneous relevancies, thus avoiding the limitations of relational models. Our key differentiator in this area means that for a start, databases no longer need to be queried, developers are not constrained to design and maintain database schemas, and databases do not need to be upgraded with every new release or 3rd party customizations/integrations. The result is a major step in the quest for agile development of solutions.

We are a lean geographically distributed company with a diverse work force, a development center in Mumbai, India, headquarters based in the London, UK, and Service and Delivery office in Athens, Greece. We are developing enterprise relevance engines delivering actionable information with near real-time alerting of risk, and facilities for the user to act immediately to the benefit of his enterprise, with a  view to using complementary technologies including smart phones, 4th & 5th generation networks, the cloud, continuous connectivity and powerful virtual servers and disk farms. Ulysses is not just keeping up with the latest worldwide software technologies but we are extending them technologies but we are extending them by filling the technological to business-mind gap. For this we seek individuals that have the same vision and want to go down pioneering software development paths, untried but with massive potential for the industry. At Ulysses no-one is boxed in and stereotyped in his work. Management is hands on. Everyone has the opportunities to lead; with the right homework anyone at any level can exert visible influence on strategies, tactics and direction.

If you are passionate about developing innovative solutions, have the confidence to compete with larger more established firms, thrive in an environment where you are challenged to try your hand at different things, understand the disruptiveness of technology and hope to improve usability and information access, if you have the tenacity to overcome obstacles and skepticism, and you have the patience and creativity for solving new problems, then we definitely want to speak to you.

We are actively looking for Sales, Marketing, Pre-sales, Consulting, Technical Architects, Senior Developers, Quality Assurance, Customer Support and Business Operations personnel.

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Ulysses Systems is an equal opportunity employer.


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