The TA Platform fully integrates all the TA applications

Any combination of data is possible as a result

Quality Manager

  • Version control of all manuals and regulatory documents
  • Manual sections linked to tasks
  • Technical manuals linked to components
  • Track who has read what manual for the whole organization
  • Version control of forms
  • Full customization and control of form workflows
  • Manage forms and versioning
  • Electronic index for each manual
  • Keep secure documents stored and encrypted
  • Watermark management
  • Advanced searches across many files
  • Annotation facilities tracking changes and suggestions for change
  • Circular letters distribution across fleet
  • Automatic filing
  • Automatic population of headers and footers
  • Automated update of manuals after release
  • Indication of the size of the remote update & facility to send ‘changes only’ to documents
  • Ability to extract reports from info path forms
  • SEEMP management
  • Management of vetting deficiencies
  • Risk Assessments library facility