The TA Platform fully integrates all the TA applications

Any combination of data is possible as a result

Crew Manager

  • Crew record monitoring and retrieval
  • Crew sign on/sign off
  • Generate crew and supernumerary lists in multiple formats
  • Facilities to manage crew skills, experience and training records
  • Support and integration of manning agencies
  • Crew certificates, endorsement and visa management
  • Maintain up to date crew history records
  • Crew planning facilities with fully customizable alerts
  • Crew matrix non-conformity tracker
  • Work/Rest hours reporting for all known regimes (including OPA 90)
  • Bulk transfer of crew timesheets in the office
  • Medicine cabinet certificates management
  • Condition of class management
  • On board duty and cabin management
  • Meals and bedding hotel services
  • Cash transactions and bond sales with close integration to inventory management
  • Ship account information and wages transmission to the office accounting and payroll systems