News Article 31/03/2006

TMSA helps Ulysses increase sales

Tanker Operator, March 2006, p.13

Late last year, software house Ulysses Systems announced that Transocean Shipmanagement, OSG, Naftomar Shipping & Trading, Arcadia Ship Management, Aegean Bulk, Pioneer Tankers, New Asian Shipping, Orient Marine had signed up as clients.

Due to the general increase in the number of the new vessels on one hand, and the current interest in companies going public and becoming larger through mergers and acquisitions on the other, the pressures of accountability have jointly contributed to this increase in sales, Ulysses said.

Ulysses said that its Task Assistant software helped clients to effectively achieve the needs of most of OCIMF'S TMSA internal management requirements. The company explained that the idea behind Task Assistant was to allow an operator to save unnecessary work in advising their clients that through rigorous self-assessment their ship was safe, well kept and in compliance with the rules and regulations. TMSA, plus other industry dynamics, were putting a tremendous workload on the already overstretched human resources both on board ship and ashore, Ulysses said.

"Task Assistant helps address TMSA effectively, cost efficiently, and helps maximize the potential of our mariners'' work," said Stefan Polomsky, managing director Transocean Shipmanagement.

Ulysses'' software is claimed to be easy to deploy, easy to use and to modify by the client. Most of the comp any''s clients reported that 80% of their software lifecycle is directly related to these areas. The task of complying with TMSA was a major preoccupation for most companies and added tremendous workload unless it was simplified through appropriate data management.

"TMSA is introducing several new layers of reporting and co-ordination requirements. Our mariners should be less preoccupied with administrative processes and focus their attention to what they do best, running the vessel. "I believe Task Assistant, will enhance performance and efficiency," said George-Paul Perantzakis of Naftomar Shipping & Trading.

Ulysses developed Task orientated software to help companies evolve and effectively comply with most kinds of managerial self-improvement targets, as well as any new external regulations. The company was established in 1996 and is based in London, with offices in Greece, India, Singapore and the US.