Partnering For Success

Ulysses Systems is actively seeking strategic partnerships with firms that service customers able to benefit from Ulysses’ expertise in “knowledge delivery” and in facilitating deployment of knowledge delivery solutions. Our value proposition is based on our products’ ability to derive “operational relevance” and then to apply it to information delivery problems.

Program Benefits

Ulysses designed each of its four partnership program options to provide a win/win/win result. Ulysses “wins” when the proliferation rate of our platform solutions accelerates. Our Partners win when, within the justified cost of the deliverables, end user customer investment expectations are exceeded. End User Customers “win” when the returns on investment from a project exceed targets. And unlike most software product suppliers soliciting partner prospects, Ulysses preferred method of engagement with partners is based on executing reciprocal agreements that allow Ulysses to resell complimentary partner products and services. We are confident our Partnership Programs meet the goals we have set out.

Partnership Options

Ulysses has four partnership options available for prospective partners, namely, Solution Provider, Technology Partner, Service Provider and Reseller Partner. The options are not mutually exclusive; consequently, prospects considering establishing a closer working relationship with Ulysses may establish a relationship that covers more than one option.

Solution Provider Partners are usually consulting firms that specialize in designing and deploying solutions including business process reengineering, case management tactics, policy & procedure development, quality improvement, turn around, meeting compliance requirements, business intelligence, text analytics, enterprise content management, self help systems, call handling, information distribution & delivery, decision support, etc. For these firms, developing an Overlay and the model obtained as a result is an excellent approach for enhancing the value of the engagement deliverables. More important, the completion of an Overlay Model enables rapid deployment of a Ulysses Task Assistant Platform Solution that assists End User Customers with implementation of the Consultant’s recommendations.
Solution Provider Partners developing an Overlay Model have the opportunity to retain intellectual property of the content. Content ownership makes income from maintenance services and from re-use of the content with other clients possible.
In most cases where Solution Provider Partners develop Overlay Models, Ulysses will be actively interested in a relationship that allows us to resell the content associated with your model. A Solution Provider Partner not willing to compromise the customary objectivity between End Users and Consultants, may not want to directly resell the solution enabling components provided by Ulysses:.our program accommodates both types of Consultants, Integrators and Solution Suppliers.

Technology Provider Partner is a firm that provides hardware, pre requisite software or complimentary software that Ulysses’ solutions are either based on or integrated with. Task Assistant and OVERLAY have been designed to integrate easily with other knowledge management software suppliers. Task Assistant Platform and Overlay operate on Microsoft Products including their operating systems, database, web services products and office environment. The Overlay has been developed with a view for integration with other Platform Products and Ulysses expects to actively add interfaces and connections to access devices such as smart phones, PDAs, tablets and PCs. There are a host of knowledge management software suppliers that offer content management, search and analytics where solutions based on these technologies can be significantly enhanced if interfaced to Ulysses. Business Process Management Software suppliers that offer solutions to workflow problems are almost always improved when the Ulysses Task Assistant Platform driven with the right Overlay is configured to capture and attribute operational relevance to work products and to deliver task execution support knowledge. As Ulysses and its partners develop interfaces and connectivity with suppliers of other Platform Products, our plans call for establishing formal relationships with these firms to enhance both parties’ opportunities service common End User Customers.

Service Provider Partners are firms that host service offerings that incorporate Ulysses’ Task Assistant Platform and/or Overlay into the Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that is the basis of their value proposition. Partner Prospects that would benefit from this relationship include firms that offer self help service subscriptions, supply information, offer subscription services, etc. These firms retain control of the Ulysses products selling their End User Customers access to their offerings through a “closed” version of an Overlay driven Task Assistant Platform. By “closed”, Ulysses means an implementation that limits the End User’s ability to distribute information and/or connect to information sources other than those provided by the Service Provider Partner.

Reseller Partner is a firm that resells Ulysses’ platform products. In many cases, these partners will be companies that started out as Solution Providers, having created their own Overlay Models and who take advantage of the Reseller Partner Program to increase the size of their transactions, add profit contribution dollars to the transaction and gain more direct control over the sale and follow up account management process.

Becoming a Ulysses Partner

If you have an interest in becoming a Ulysses Partner, please contact us at