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Ulysses Systems is Wishing Seasons Greetings
22 December 2016
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Why are Document Management Implementations Unpredictable?
06 December 2016

Issue 310

Shipping is one of the firstindustries to document and manage its processes throughout distributed businessunits. Shipping Companies need software with facilities to build electronic documentation aroundtheir processes rather than build their processes around best practicessuggested by ERP vendors or document management providers

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Can Excel Database Forms Satisfy Ship Management Reporting Needs
09 May 2016

Issue 309

In order to follow trends in the incidents that happenacross a fleet, ship managers need smart forms. Most software vendors do nothave a platform that allows clients to configure data forms with tools forstatistical analysis, instead vendors have opted for a generic solutiondeveloping applications that manage preconfigured forms.

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