European Research and Development Projects

Ulysses Systems participates in two European collaborative R&D projects that have contributed to the development of Task Assistant:

TREVI Esprit EP23311
The goal of the TREVI (Text Retrieval and Enrichment for Vital Information) project is to offer a solution to the problem of "informational overflow". Reuters provide the main application case study, and Lyras Shipping provides the shipping application. Ulysses Systems participates in the project as a subcontractor of Lyras Shipping.

IDES Telematics Application Program Task TR5.10
The IDES project (ISM driven Data Exchange for Ship Operations) is aimed at harmonising Task Assistant and related quality-management systems with ship to shore communications.

The results from both projects will be used to enhance future product releases.

University Affiliations

Ulysses Systems has established strong links with the following two universities:

Northwestern University's Institute of Learning Sciences (ILS) is the world's largest centre of cognitive sciences. Ulysses Systems is currently working closely with ILS in the areas of task analysis and human computer interface design.

University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST) The computer science department of UMIST is renowned for its expertise in Enterprise System software development methodologies, and provides support in Ulysses Systems's design and prototype department.