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Task Assistant understands your role’s task goals within the processes of your organization providing significant performance support tailored to your role.

Assume that you are working in the Marine Industry. Select a role to see how Task Assistant supports you.


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TASK ASSISTANT is a software platform upon which process and goal relevant actionable information delivery solutions are built or enhanced.


Task Assistant offers Knowledge Management
Learning theory tells us humans naturally adopt case-based reasoning when problem solving. Considering that people, when faced with events, refer to past experiences, our in-built model has been developed so that such experiences and knowledge can be aligned with corporate activities.
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Shipping Solutions
Task Assistant has proven its value for more than a decade in the maritime industry primarily in mineral oil transport where timely access to relevant information has a high impact on revenue and reputation.  Because of its ease of use, ship management can be assured that ships will be more easily managed, ultimately bringing greater cost benefits.
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Overlay Model
Our 3rd generation software focus on the layer between the user and the underlying applications and has the potential to understand enterprise goals in order to exctract, prioritize and deliver actionable information from multiple sources to the user.
Overlay models complement and enhance other important knowledge management technologies.
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Platform facilities

Ulysses Systems' applications are fully integrated and based upon the Task Assistant® Platform, which is a Microsoft technologies' based product, taking advantage of the underlying Microsoft infrastructure technologies and SQL Server features.
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Customer Support and Services
From the first consultation to ongoing technical support after installation, Ulysses Systems can help at every step along the way.
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