Digital Ship European Maritime Cyber Resilience
31 October 2019

The threat-and the challenge in maritime cyber security in constantly changing and so is the thinking of how to mitigate the risk. We'll present the latest observation and thinking at the European maritime Cyber Resilience Forum in London on October 31,2019.

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Software for Domain Experts
17 October 2019

The success of software projects depends on many factors which have nothing to do with coding.

Such are the design, mapmaking,architecture, getting convergance in perspective from all the different individuals and organisations involved.

If it is done well, it can lead to software which is easier to maintain, more transparent, easier to keep secure, easier to integrate and which delivers its objectives.

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Tanker Operator Athens 2018
09 May 2018

7th Tanker Operator Athens- Putting people at the center of a of a more profitable business

Good tanker shipping in 2018 is about creating an environment where people, procedures and ships/equipment are integrated propelry and where the people have space to make use of their knowledge and epxerience.

We'll explore better ways to do that at our 7th Tanker Operator Athens conference in May 9.
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