We have been told many times that our website is anachronistic. This is intentional, the single most pervasive problem in software for the past 40 years is how inflexible software development is and how special customer needs are an expensive luxury unless thousands of user licenses can fund them. As we see our core competence being that of solving problems we have selected to address this and we have seen some considerable successes in that respect. This is attested by our patent record which addresses special technology and usability demands in multiple vertical domains such as continuous offline communications, and also software and device usability for specialist users. With conventional software, such functions would require rooms full of support staff fast coding alterations and extensions.       

Positioning and attractive packaging lack intrinsic value, they boast achievements that though impressive may not address the challenges in your domain. Usain Bolt is the fastest sprinter on Earth (a slogan). True, under certain conditions, but he might not be your man in a hurdle race (the reality of your challenges). Most cross industry developments like cloud computing, big data, web based systems, agile development, new database design and others were, in their time, excellent solutions to specific problems. Such successes seemed to convince users that they provide effective solutions to everything. Nevertheless as with cars, minor technology advancements (such as self parking) are used to convince people of fundamental progress, thereby detracting from pursuing fundamental solutions to problems the industry truly needs to overcome (e.g. personal safety and energy efficiency challenges).

Therefore for the time being we have decided to not have moving slides and pictures of actors, who are far better looking than any of us here at Ulysses Systems, to impress you. We would rather spend our clients’ money, your money, on developments that will increase return on investment and solve problems your businesses are facing.

Come to us with your domain problem and we look forward to overcoming the challenge.