Co-ordination between C/E
Cost Savings
Captain Decides

When Important Information is Hidden

A Chief Engineer has just signed on and he is making a bi-weekly maintenance plan. The Handover Notes from the Chief Engineer who is signing off, do not mention e-mails to the Superintendent about the faulty no.2 auxiliary diesel engine and about a dirty air cooler that was not removed for cleaning because there was no cleaning fluid when it was last opened up.

Subsequently when the current Chief Engineer, on arrival at the discharge port, starts up the no.2 diesel engine, the load it can take is minimal. And as he plans his work, because he is not aware of his predecessor’s observation, he cannot include the auxiliary engine cooler cleaning in his bi-weekly maintenance plan.

Coordinating a Change-Over between Two People in a Key Position Successfully and Transparently

In the Shipping Industry consolidating information about machine components is not easy. Task Assistant is designed to consolidate machine component information (e.g. memos, non-conformity reports, status of a job, superintendent’s instructions) so that the changeover between two Chief Engineers is smooth and without gaps that could prove costly.

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