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When Potentially Important Information Is Overlooked

A Master coordinates with the Port Agent about port constraints at the terminal. If the Master, who has just heard of the new terminal rules, sends an e-mail to the operations department, will the Chartering Manager read it? Possibly not. And even if he does, will the information stay within the sphere of his attention sufficiently for him to check it again before fixing another vessel to that terminal two months later?

When Potentially Important Information Finds the User without a Conscious Search

Task Assistant has been designed to allow the shipping company to coordinate its office staff across departments with the crew onboard on matters relevant to both business units, so that at any time someone doing a task can benefit from the work done by others.


  • Common processes are known to the system
  • Actionable information is routed and delivered across departments and business units
  • Roles in different departments are dynamically co-ordinated

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