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Making Most of an Opportunity: Time Cost saving and Repair Opportunities during Down-Time

Downtime repairs are a high-risk operation, where mistakes in co-ordination and expedition of events can prove very costly.

Downtime is fundamentally affected by the coordination and dissemination of timely and accurate information such as detail spares requirements, delivery schedules, repair details, concurrent repair opportunities, service prices, port restrictions, etc. A good information management system makes downtime coordination possible by alerting stakeholders, both ashore and onboard, to the right information at the right time. This allows companies to save on coordination-related ship’s time and repair opportunity losses. Reducing a ship’s time by twelve hours per year through the selection of better downtime slots combined with better task execution can result in about $7,000 of savings per vessel per year.

Task Assistant allows you to make vessel’s idle days efficient, cost effective and beneficial for your company.


  • Minimize cost and time out of service.
  • Optimize the vessel’s repairs during downtime.
  • Use chartering idle time effectively, through prior warning of potential idle time from Chartering Department to Technical & Operations Departments.
  • Maximize income by matching vessel’s employment to suit known downtime requirements.
  • Using Task Assistant, the Technical Manager, Operations Manager, Superintendent, Chartering Manager and Purchaser can co-ordinate their work during downtime periods. Their departments can maximize their use of the available time to carry out other routine and ad hoc jobs:
    • Deck & engine maintenance
    • Double-checking critical activities and information
    • Ordering and delivery of spare parts
    • Receiving machinery manufacturer’s advice
    • Organising external repair teams
    • Completing Class Survey items
    • Co-ordinating with Port Agents about port constraints
    • Dealing with Port Authorities and other parties
    • Double-checking critical activities and information

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