News Article 16/11/2009

Ulysses Systems chalks up customers
Cyprus Shipmanagement Alert, Vol 3, No 38, 13 November 2009

This year, the company has added new clients Navigia Shipmanagement BV (The Netherlands), Ceres LNG Management (Greece), Minerva Maritime SA (Greece), including Northern Marine Management (Deutschland) Gmbh
& Co (Germany), Orion Bulkers Gmbh & Co Kg (Germany), Graneis Do Brasil Maritima (Brazil) and Omega Management Inc (Greece) to its client rostrum.

Managers should expect savings in the order of US$90,000 per vessel per year purely from minimising information gaps, the company notes.

To give an example, "Planned Maintenance and Purchasing cost about US$ 4,000 per year per vessel for license, maintenance and data population. This is about $11 dollars per day per ship which is almost equal with 11 minutes of a chief engineer''s or a master''s working hours. If we now consider that four senior officers on board and one ashore work with the system exchanging about 25 transactions per day, it is more than likely that 25 transactions executed efficiently will save a lot more than 11 minutes shared among 5 senior roles.
So it' s certainly worth considering the benefit of time saving, better decision making and better demonstration of competence to charterers by having a system people really like to use."

Usability, therefore, is the primary test of value for a company deciding to buy software.