Press Release 05/11/2008

WORLD USABILITY DAY 2008 - Usability in enterprise Software

LONDON 05 November 2008: The University Research Institute of Applied Communication and the New Technologies Laboratory in Communication, Education and the Mass Media of the University of Athens will host a series of events between 10 and 14 of November 2008 to commemorate World Usability Day. Events will include: conferences, workshops, case studies, publications, instructions, good practices, dissemination of conclusions, etc.
These events will cover the whole range of Usability and Accessibility issues in the context of Transportation, the theme of World Usability Day 2008.
Mr. Dimitri Lyras (Managing Director, Lyras Shipping and Advisor to the Board of Directors of Ulysses Systems) will be in attendance to present a speech titled:

"Usability in Enterprise Software"
It's about people and how they have been thinking and collaborating for hundreds of thousands of years.

Mr. Lyras will touch upon the human aspect of ergonomics and how it should take a more central role to guarantee that software in an enterprise is serving people, not technology. In addition, Mr. Lyras' speech will also address the importance of structuring information intuitively and articulating information in a real world format, as well as provide other key insights on developing and installing usable software in an enterprise.

The event will take place on November 13th at the Apollo Conference Hall in Piraeus