Press Release 26/03/2009

Ulysses expands its client list, helping companies to better monitor their operations

LONDON 26 March 2009: With the addition of new clients including Graneis Do Brasil Maritima (Brazil), Orion Bulkers Gmbh & Co. Kg (Germany), Northern Marine Management (Deutschland) Gmbh & Co (Germany), and Omega Management Inc. (Greece), Ulysses' Task Assistant has proven itself as a vital tool for streamlining information and minimizing excessive user burdens. With its focus on "Usability" Task Assistant has helped companies achieve greater understanding and coordination through the use of a Human Interaction Management System which provides correct information to users in a timely and instinctive manner.

In today's blame culture, where there is a real danger of recorded information being taken out of context, all information must stand up to public scrutiny But how does a company manage internal controls and continuous improvement in the face of the industry's blame culture? Simple. Information must be visible and must be easy to identify and clarify before it is improperly used against a company. Moreover, information that demonstrates competence must also be visible and must serve to drive continuous improvement. Finally the convenience of modern electronic messaging and content management must be used to enhance the speed at which action is taken in a dispersed enterprise and to increase personal productivity.

"The Task Assistant makes it easy for companies to monitor internally how decisions regarding reporting and remedial action are made and therefore progressively monitor and improve their own decision making processes." Mr Panteleimon Pantelis, director of Ulysses Systems notes.

Mr Pantelis adds: "Task Assistant does this through its unique Task Orientation. By richly indexing all items circulated within the system, as a by-product of people's work, the system makes it very easy, using maritime common sense, to string together the expected actions following any need to make a decision.

Unlike other conventional management systems and applications every activity is connected to activities it affects via the rich internal indexing. In this way the system clearly allows each user to get a picture of every situation without having to enter and exit many different applications. This is especially important on board where there is only one master. No vetting master or quality master or maintenance master who can learn multiple different applications.

The convenience assured by Task Orientation makes it possible to continuously improve decision making without adding any administrative work. Above all the Task Assistant makes it possible to see which written records, when seen in isolation or out of context, may jeopardise the credibility of a company under the prevailing blame cultures."

About Ulysses

Ulysses develops Task Oriented Software that helps companies evolve and effectively comply with most managerial self-improvement targets as well as new external regulations. Ulysses Systems, established in 1996, is based in London, with offices in Greece, India, Singapore, the United States and Japan. Ulysses" roster of clients includes more than 50 shipping companies worldwide.