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Task Assistant understands your role’s task goals within the processes of your organization providing significant performance support tailored to your role.

Assume that you are working in the Marine Industry. Select a role to see how Task Assistant supports you.


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Task Assistant can help you to:

  • Increase coordination and monitoring of operations in the ports of call (general information that reduce incidents, bunkering, port agents, etc).
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of the dispatch and collection of freight calculations.
  • Respond quickly regarding charter part clauses.
  • Provide all necessary information, when and where needed, to verify and resolve claims.
  • Monitor, renew and update onboard publications such as maps, lists of lights etc.
  • Manage and negotiate the best quotes for all provisions.

An examle
Some years ago we had a situation where two vessels were discharging high heat fuel oil to the Eastern United States in winter. Our operations department, which distributed our corporate know-how, took some trouble to explain the potential problems of having a vessel with deep well pumps and many exposed deck lines discharge waxy fuel oil in severe cold. Both vessels were warned.

However the second vessel was not warned about avoiding interruptions to the discharge, or, if this could not be avoided, to take intense precautions. The result was that the second vessel had a prolonged discharge with considerable problems. Had our distribution of corporate know-how been more consistent, and not subject to distractions from other current issues, the problems could have been avoided.

Because Task Assistant streamlines your business and reduces the amount of time required for information handling, you will have more time to prepare for events and to optimise your business.

For example, you would be able to:

  • Optimise cargo lift compared to bunker prices when lifting bulk cargoes on voyage charters.
  • Optimise crew changes based on anticipated ships itinerary compared to comparable costs in each port of call.
  • Optimise the use of slack time between fixtures.
  • Anticipate the voyage ahead to reduce the risk of increasing costs, delays, incidents, etc.

Task Assistant has been designed to automatically distribute information from one person’s work to the other people who might need it in the future. If anybody has documented information on a specific port, for example, the chartering manager can access that information before approving the discharge range.

Task Assistant “knows” what task you are doing, and will make your work available to others who will need it to complete their work. Task Assistant also ‘knows” what tasks all your colleagues are doing throughout your company; your work is made available to them, and their work available to you, at the time of need.