C/E & Engine Officers

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Task Assistant understands your role’s task goals within the processes of your organization providing significant performance support tailored to your role.

Assume that you are working in the Marine Industry. Select a role to see how Task Assistant supports you.


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Task Assistant can help you to:

  • Efficiently familiarise yourself with the vessel’s maintenance spares and incident history, pointing you to the right areas and assisting in diagnosis. Without Task Assistant this information is normally highly dispersed across email files, communications files, maintenance records, internal notes, hand over lists, etc.
  • Efficiently familiarise yourself with the quality management system manuals, company instructions and amendments.
  •  Easily audit the proper function of the quality management system, as handled by engineer officers and crew.
  •  Quickly locate the correct forms to fill out at the appropriate times.

Task Trees that are customisable for each role and user

  • Reporting, analysing and scheduling defects
  • Long-term view of the schedule
  • Class Survey Records and Scheduling
  • Scheduling Activities by calendar or by running hours
  • Critical Activities
  • Actual Work Plan Management including assigning and altering job
  • View Maintenance History and comments related to jobs
  • Viewing spares requirements for an activity
  • Report Maintenance Completion (with comments and spares usage)
  • Drawing from the inventory
  • Machinery running hours maintained by reporting maintenance complete or as an independent task
  • Full integration with the Purchasing Module is possible