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Task Assistant understands your role’s task goals within the processes of your organization providing significant performance support tailored to your role.

Assume that you are working in the Marine Industry. Select a role to see how Task Assistant supports you.


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Task Assistant can help you to:

  • Efficiently familiarise yourself with the technical and management history of your vessel, by providing easy access to the history of every technical and management item on the vessel.
  • Immediately see the progress of the quality management compliance on your vessel.
  • Concentrate on your work without worrying about where to find information or how to record information properly.
  • Direct the crew as to how to maximise safety on the vessel without burdening them with paperwork.
  • Easily maintain and update crew records and certificates, and assist with supervision of the crew’s training and familiarisation on board.
  • Efficiently familiarise yourself with the vessel's maintenance and incident history. Without this information is normally highly dispersed across email files, communication files, maintenance record files, internal notes, hand over lists etc.
  • Audit the proper function of the quality management system as handled by the officers and crew.
  • Quickly familiarise yourself with the quality management system manuals, company instructions and amendments.
  • Easily pass audits.