Press Release 02/11/2009

Ulysses Systems succeeds in acquiring new customers who recognise that in a time of austerity, software can assist them in reducing costs and increasing revenue.

LONDON 02 November 2009: The addition this year of new clients Navigia Shipmanagement BV (The Netherlands), Ceres LNG Management (Greece), Minerva Maritime S.A (Greece), including Northern Marine Management (Deutschland) Gmbh & Co (Germany), Orion Bulkers Gmbh & Co. Kg (Germany), Graneis Do Brasil Maritima (Brazil) and Omega Management Inc. (Greece) has coincided with a climb in crew wages of 24%, nearly double that of the year before.

According to UK shipping accountants, Moore Stephens, wage rises have pushed operating costs up 16%. This and the fact that major ship-owners and ship managers show little tolerance for money spent on productivity tools that do not work, suggests that Ulysses Task Assistant proves it succeeds in saving costs.

To give an example, Planned Maintenance and Purchasing cost about 4000$US per year per vessel for license, maintenance and data population. This is about 11$US per day per ship which is almost equal with 11 minutes of a chief engineer's or a master's working hours. If we now consider that four senior officers on board and one ashore work with the system exchanging about 25 transactions per day, it is more than likely that 25 transactions executed efficiently will save a lot more than 11 minutes shared among 5 senior roles. So it's certainly worth considering the benefit of time saving, better decision making and better demonstration of competence to charterers by having a system people really like to use.

No-one disagrees that information at one's fingertips and decision making is important. And good decisions are associated with early action, good people management, risk awareness, problem-solving etc., and depend on retrieving useful information gleaned from past experiences, corporate know-how, a massive amount of machinery information, co-ordination on-board and ashore around fine details, all of which calls for the support of well designed software.

Usability, therefore, is the primary test of value for a company deciding to buy software. For 12 years Ulysses has been focusing on providing the right information to the right user at the right time. Complexity is avoided through careful fundamental design while the functionality provided is vast. We have focused on the highest paid and most vital and difficult to hire officers and superintendents, people in short supply, who have high turnover and have far more serious duties than spending time and concentration using awkward software. We believe that software must be used enthusiastically in order to succeed. Once it is widely adopted transparency becomes an asset not a liability.