Consulting and Integration
Consulting and Integration

Task Assistant Platform is a Microsoft technologies' based product, which allows various data integration methods, like simple data synchronization, business logic driven data exchange, and data schema integration. The Enterprise Open Architecture of the Platform allows the seamless integration of business modules and ability to plug in additional modules (both Ulysses-made and 3rd party applications). It also provides the ability and flexibility to the user organisation to use the Platform to incorporate and integrate the most suitable blend of Ulysses Systems  Applications and 3rd party products for the organisation.

Furthermore the underlying Microsoft infrastructure and SQL Server allows further integration points with any other MS Family product or any other Microsoft technology based Application.

For example:

Ability to Migrate data from other 3rd party systems: Convenient transfer of data from 3rd party systems is accomplished relatively easily and cost-effectively using Ulysses-developed interfaces and specialized data-porting tools.

Invoicing is also carried out by the system: Invoices can be made to communicate with associated POs to balance committed and actual funds within the Accounting package.