Update Jun 2003

The ISPS Code - Regulatory Overload? Can you cope?

Task Assistant easily accommodates management of the ISPS Code.

Introduced with the shortest lead-time yet, the ISPS Code requires managers to find the time and money to ensure compliance by the deadline and then continued compliance, year after year.

Is there a limit to the amount of extra regulatory compliance that can be managed? The stream of new regulation seems endless and brings with it the need to make staff and seafarers aware of the new requirements and enable them to manage their new responsibilities as well as their existing tasks and responsibilities. For every new requirement there is the increased likelihood that other important compliance areas drop off the radar as the burden increases. And when this leads to an incident the ship manager will be blamed for not providing realistic means of familiarization. How can Managers cope with the ISPS Code and ensure that they remain on top of all compliance areas, without unrecoverable out of pocket expense?

In our opinion, the only way seafarers and management will be able to cope is by providing Management with tools that really work and that can take the introduction of new requirements in their stride. Ulysses Systems has been focused on building such tools. Task Assistant was built to provide shipmanagers with business critical information always available at the point of need. Task Assistant enables all in an enterprise, at sea as well as ashore, to do their jobs more effectively, whether it be Planned Maintenance, Crewing, Purchasing or Document Management. Task Assistant easily accommodates management of the ISPS Code''s requirements.

Task Assistant is intuitive software. It is vital that the most effective management tools require minimal training. Nobody would use the Internet to buy stuff if eight hours training were needed to take out a newspaper subscription or buy a cheap plane ticket. The answer has been intuitive software - software that works they way you think. So, just like Internet users, in a shipmanagement company you need software that works the way that you, your managers, and seafarers think. Such software is now available to the shipping industry. This approach has worked on the Internet and it works for shipping companies - as yet a minority that have made the leap.