News Article 20/07/2000

Tanker Owners Sign Up for Shipmanagement Program

20/07/2000 - Lloyd's List

Kuwait Oil Tanker Co and V Ships have become the latest shipowners to adopt Integrated Shipping Management Solutions, the software platform communicate and co-ordinate on board ship and between a shipowner's office and its fleet.

Dave Martin, V Ships' head of information systems, commented: "For any task, Task Assistant presents onboard staff with relevant procedures from company manuals and other publications, and give, immediate access to related forms and other support tools (programs).

"Task Assistant has been able to provide a unified view of documents stored in Task Assistant itself and of company forms we have developed in Oracle. It can also launch relevant third-party tools such as distance tables or bunker calculators."

Task Assistant was developed by Ulysses Systems in close collaboration with Lyras Shipping.

It was created to address the perceived need to co-ordinate all information and company know-how while at the same time incorporating documentation and procedures relating to the International Safety Management Code.

Customers of Task Assistant now include Mobil Shipping Company, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime of Greece, International Tanker Management of Dubai (the tanker management branch of Barber International), and Great White Fleet of Belgium.