News Article 26/07/2000

Task Assistant Software Platform Finds Approval with KOTC and V Ships

26/07/2000 - Le Lloyd

First launched in 1998, the Task Assistant software platform designed to facilitate communication and coordination on board ship and between a company's offices and its fleet, continues to win approval with major ship owners and managers.

The latest two companies to adopt Task Assistant are Kuwait Oil Tanker (KOTC) and V Ships. Task Assistant was developed by Ulysses Systems in close collaboration with Lyras Shipping to address the perceived need to coordinate all information and company know-how while incorporating documentation and procedures relating to the implementation of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

Task Assistant was designed to be adaptable to the procedures and manuals of each company and to be very user friendly. Several well-known shipping companies have become licensed Task Assistant users. Amongst others, these include Mobil Shipping Company, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime of Greece, International Tanker Management of Dubai (the tanker management branch of Barber International), and Great White Fleet of Belgium.