News Article 21/04/2005 A

Would you reject a good LNG and Tanker master because he cannot understand your company's software? (ELNABI April 2005 - Special report, Greek Oil Tanker Industry p.40)

21/04/2005 - ELNABI, Issue 376, April 2005, p.40

Ulysses' Task Assistant helps ship managers face new operating requirements such as OCIMF''s Tanker Management and Self Assessment* without further burdening seafarers and shore staff. In recent weeks K-line, Dioryx, Liquimar and Columbia Shipmanagement have all contracted to use Ulysses System's Task Assistant (ΤΑ) software.
It is clear that operators of tankers and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) carrier operators in particular have been quick to see the benefits of Task Assistant. Ship managers are looking to better manage the complexities of improving technical management, safety and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Another recent client, Iino Marine Services (ΙMS) is benefiting from ΤΑ
IMS Director Mr. Satoru Nakajima, said:
''Tanker management is changing - we are looking for continual improvement and our customers desire this. We need systems that help us with this and help us demonstrate that we are always improving - Task Assistant does this for us.
Our seafarers and shore based staff will better equipped to meet these challenges now that we use the ΤΑ The fact that ΤΑ requires no special training is so important to us - it makes life easier for our seafarers and saves time and money.''

Other Ulysses clients with LNG ships include Golar LNG and TECΤO. Shipmanagers TECTO, based in Antwerp and managing a fleet of 50 vessels have already started deploying it on their vessels including their LNG units.

TECTO's Mr. Rene Jungbluth commented:
''We have been pleasantly surprised at the speed of deployment. Our project is ahead of schedule having already migrated the data and deployed the first vessel in early January. Our experience with the Ulysses software (Task Assistant) is in its early days, however, we can see clearly that the two most important obstacles in shipboard enterprise software have been overcome: ΤΑ is easy for our seafarers to use and populating the ship specific databases has been achieved smoothly.
We estimate that the data migration with the three people from our Manila Office focusing on 50 vessels will take us effectively about 6 months. We now expect to have our whole fleet of 50 vessels up and running, including training of the seafarers, by the end of the year.
Having explored somewhat further the possibilities of Task Assistant, we are confident that we have acquired an excellent tool for realising α number of goals set in the TMSA guidelines.''

Mr Martin Nygate, VP Sales and Marketing, Ulysses Systems, said:
''The usability of our product is much appreciated by clients. ΤΑ is easy to use and deployment is as rapid. With all the challenges being faced by ship managers today, ΤΑ really helps them deal with new requirements such as OClMF''s Tanker Management and Self Assessment requirements without further burdening seafarers and shore staff.
The last thing clients want especially in the LNG sector is to finally locate a pool of top masters and engineers, and finding out that half of them cannot and do not want to use the corporate software.