News Article 15/05/2006

TMSA gives Ulysses a boost (Lloyd's Ship Manager, April 2006, p.16)

Ulysses Systems claims to have experienced a significant upturn in interest in its electronic management platform since summer last year, a factor which Dimitri Lyras, advisor to Ulysses'' board of directors, accredits to "people attempting to get to grips with the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment [TMSA] programme".

"Risk management is a coordination issue," Mr Lyras said. "Information has to reach people and make sense to them, in a timely fashion," he continued, arguing that this safety benchmarking system could prove too demanding for users if conducted on paper or on unnecessarily complex systems. Mr Lyras, who also serves as managing director of Lyras Shipping, told LSM that the shipping industry may not be as technophobic as some critics perceive. "I''ve always had this reservation about people who say shipping is conservative," he commented, bringing up hospitals as a similar example of "an industry with a good system of co-ordination." "If you separate shipowners from managers, owners will be using software for a long time," Mr Lyras opined. "But from a manager''s point of view, if he doesn''t have a management contract for a significant period, it is questionable how much effort he''ll exert in configuring certain ships."
In terms of costs, Mr Lyras estimates that Ulysses'' systems range from approximately $70,000 to $200,000, depending on company and fleet size.