News Article 26/07/2006 A

New Clients for Ulysses (ELNAVI, July - August 2006, p.154)

With the addition of six new clients, Cardiff Marine Inc, Halkidon Shipping Corp, Euronav Ship Management, Maritime Performances B.V., Ionia Ship Management, and Top Tankers Management Inc., Ulysses'' Task Assistant is rapidly gaining recognition as a vital tool for streamlining information and minimizing excessive user burdens. With its focus on "Usability," Task Assistant helps achieve understanding and coordination through the use of a Human Interaction Management System. By providing correct information to users in a timely and instinctive manner, crews can efficiently and safely carry out tasks at each stage of a process.

As shipping companies are faced with exponentially increasing regulation and instances of criminalization, the only way to handle the burden in an economically viable and efficient manner is excellent information management. However, with an abundance of new regulations and company requirements that are often unfamiliar to transient crews, the management challenges to ensuring internal transparency, safety, and compliance have become prohibitively complex.

Over the past seven years, the number of tasks and manuals references rose 23%, and a staggering 65% respectively, while the number of personnel available to perform these tasks has remained static or even diminished slightly. This phenomenon has created a per-capita informational overload, which is consequently revolutionizing the role of marine software as a mission critical component of success.

The implementation of sophisticated software systems to handle the massive influx of information is not sufficient to guarantee success. There are two critical components for sustained success that marine software systems must meet; it must be cost effective in the long term, and it must maximize user convenience to encourage usage.

With a lower software lifecycle cost and a proven record of user convenience and efficiency, Task Assistant remains an industry leader in both criteria.

"Looking to the future and in our effort for continuous improvement in planning acting and measuring, we saw the need for an intuitive information management system to address core competence.
Task Assistant has helped us focus on minimizing informational burdens of our comprehensive Safety Quality and Environment Management System and releasing our valued staff from heavily bureaucratic processes in order to more efficiently serve our customers." said Capt. George Bogris, Safety, Quality and Environmental Manager of Cardiff Marine Inc.

About Ulysses Systems
Ulysses develops Task Orientated Software that helps companies evolve and effectively comply with most kinds of managerial self-improvement targets as well as any new external regulations. Ulysses Systems established in 1996 is based in London, with offices in Greece, India, Singapore and the United States. Ulysses' roster of clients includes more than 50 shipping companies worldwide.