Press Release 28/11/2001

Ulysses Systems and Resurgence Software Form Strategic Alliance

NEW ORLEANS 28 November 2001: Resurgence Software and Ulysses Systems, Inc. have signed an agreement to formally integrate and jointly market their maritime software packages. The alliance will provide customers with an integrated software package that takes advantage of Ulysses Systems' advanced knowledge management and organizational features and Resurgence Software's equipment failure analysis and reliability benchmarking tools.

Ulysses' innovative Task Assistant software is designed to work within the existing framework of an organization. Unlike most software packages that force customers to modify operations around the capabilities of software, Task Assistant is designed to understand existing roles and the tasks within the organization and to use that understanding to provide end-users with exactly the information they want at exactly the time they need it.

Resurgence's Wave Software System is designed to help maritime organizations that are unhappy with the time and money being lost through equipment failure and unscheduled maintenance. Wave provides these organizations with the reliability information and analysis tools necessary for making informed equipment maintenance and procurement decisions. Wave also captures equipment performance data in a standard format and structure that allows the benchmarking of performance internally between ships and externally against industry standards. This allows companies to implement continuous improvement in ship system reliability by focusing limited resources on preventing and reducing the consequences of failures of equipment with the highest impact on vessel profitability.

"The key to this agreement was the ability to offer the customer a complete solution", said Tom Bubrig, president of Resurgence Software. "Our software packages are so complementary that we felt from the beginning that this alliance was a natural fit for both companies. It is rare to see a situation where each party can provide a unique value to the customer that the other party cannot. This is a win/win situation for Ulysses and Resurgence, but more importantly, it is a tremendous win for our customers".

"From our perspective, the integration of Wave and Task Assistant made perfect sense", said Bob Schumaker, director of Global Alliances for Ulysses Systems. "Our entire focus is on leveraging corporate knowledge to maximize efficiency. This alliance will allow the customer to collect equipment maintenance and failure data through Task Assistant, analyze it in Wave, make the necessary adjustments to policies and procedures, and then disseminate those changes back out through Task Assistant. In essence we will allow companies to increase their corporate intelligence by providing a "knowledge loop" that allows them to collect information, analyze it, and then institute changes on a continuous basis".

About Ulysses Systems
Ulysses Systems is a global maritime solutions company headquartered in Livonia, MI with offices in the U.S., Greece, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

About Resurgence Software
Resurgence Software is a maritime equipment reliability and benchmarking software company headquartered in the University of New Orleans' Research & Technology Park.