Press Release 11/12/2001

ASC's Great Lakes Fleet to be Outfitted With Ulysses Systems' Task Assistant(TM)

DETROIT 11 December 2001: The American Steamship Company (ASC) and Ulysses Systems, Inc., a leading provider of computer products and services, have reached an agreement to install the latest version of Ulysses'' Task Assistant(TM) ship management software on its fleet of Great Lakes vessels. ASC will begin the implementation in its office during December 2001 and is making plans to replace the existing software on its vessels by spring 2002.

ASC is a pioneer in Great Lakes transportation, with a fleet of 11 self- unloading vessels that range in length from 635-feet to 1,000-feet. The fleet transports a variety of dry bulk commodities including iron ore pellets, coal, and limestone aggregates.

Ulysses' Task Assistant, Version 2.0 adds new modules for crewing, planned maintenance and purchasing. A groundbreaking software system for ship management, Task Assistant details and documents the entire ship management process, step-by-step, task-by-task according to job function. The program provides shipboard personnel with a variety of forms and checklists, along with access to online manuals, documents, records or company communications they may need. It guides the user and keeps records of every interaction, including every message and every completed task.

"When it comes to system design and implementation,'' says Joe Mara, strategic account executive for Ulysses, "we try to understand the importance of developing a product that will work for the customer as opposed to making the customer adapt to the product.''

According to ASC Director of Information Systems Alan K. Mis, "We''re looking forward to replacing our aging systems with an integrated software suite that will help us take advantage of modern technology to improve our business processes. We looked at a number of packages before deciding that Ulysses'' Task Assistant provides the best combination of ''ease of use'' and functionality."When we looked at all the different areas of ship management that the software covers,' he noted, `we were convinced that Task Assistant would be the best fit for our company and fleet.''

Ned A. Smith, president and CEO of ASC, added, "ASC is keenly aware that a high level of productivity and efficient vessel operations are a must to survive in water transportation today. We're confident that Ulysses'Task Assistant can help us streamline a number of our business processes, thus allowing us to be more productive and efficient in these areas.''

About Ulysses Systems, Inc.
Headquartered in Livonia, Mich., Ulysses Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of computer products and services that offer business intelligence solutions to a variety of industries. With about 100 employees worldwide, the company also maintains offices in Europe, South America and the Far East.

About American Steamship Company
A subsidiary of GATX Corporation, American Steamship provides waterborne transportation of dry-bulk commodities on the Great Lakes with a fleet of 11 modern, self-unloading vessels. Through its subsidiary Coastwise Bulk Transport, ASC also serves customers and markets in the Gulf of Mexico. American Steamship has been operating on the Great Lakes for nearly 100 years, joining the GATX family in 1973. For more information, visit and