Press Release 12/02/2002

Ulysses Systems' Task Assistant(TM) Selected by Oglebay Norton For Great Lakes Shipping

DETROIT 12 February 2002: Oglebay Norton Marine Services Company has selected Ulysses Systems' Task Assistant(TM) as the ship management software of choice for its fleet of commercial ships that sail on the Great Lakes waterways, announced Michael Siragusa, vice president and general manager of ONMS.

''Our overall strategy is to keep our vessels at the forefront of technology, making them as efficient as possible in an ever-increasingly competitive market. We chose Ulysses Systems'' new software as part of this strategy to streamline and improve our personnel management process,'' said Siragusa.

The Oglebay Norton fleet consists of 12 vessels that range in length from 618 to 1,000 feet long and transport approximately 22 million tons of bulk commodities across the Great Lakes each season, typically from April 1 through December and the beginning of January of the following year. With approximately 23-26 crewmembers per ship, Ulysses Task Assistant will allow ONMS to manage about 400 active crewmembers across the entire fleet.

''We are delighted to be able to upgrade our crew management software to a state-of-the-art system that will significantly improve the flow of information and record keeping,'' said Charles F. Guldenschuh, manager for safety and human resources for ONMS. ''Ulysses' program will allow all management levels both on the vessel and ashore to readily review current crew status and will be the centerpiece of the crew management process.''

ONMS plans to install, implement and test the software on one vessel during the winter lay up, and rollout installation for the remainder of the fleet during the rest of the year.

''Our Task Assistant design is based on actual ship management procedures by those with day-to-day experience in the industry,'' said Tom McDoniel, vice president of global sales for Ulysses Systems. ''This means that our customers can focus their training for shipboard crew on marine issues rather than on how to use software.

''Oglebay Norton now will have a state-of-the-art crewing system that can improve their overall productivity to gain a competitive edge. We look forward to working with them on their future performance management needs,'' he added.

Ulysses' Task Assistant, Version 2.0 adds new modules for crewing, planned maintenance and purchasing. A groundbreaking software system for ship management, Task Assistant details and documents the entire ship management process, step-by-step, task-by-task according to job function. The program provides shipboard personnel with a variety of forms and checklists, along with access to online manuals, documents, records or company communications they may need. It guides the user and keeps records of every interaction, including every message and every completed task.

About Ulysses Systems, Inc.
Headquartered in Livonia, Mich., Ulysses Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of computer products and services that offer business intelligence solutions to a variety of industries. With about 100 employees worldwide, the company also maintains offices in Europe, South America and the Far East.
Ulysses Systems' ship management software can be found on major sailing fleets around the world, and was recently chosen by the American Steamship Company for use on its Great Lakes fleet.

About Oglebay Norton Marine Services Company, L.L.S.
Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Oglebay Norton Marine Services Company was founded in 1854 during the "Age of Steel," and paved the way for other shipping companies to import steel into the Midwest with its primary cargoes of coal, coke, limestone slag and iron ore. ONMS is a business unit of the Oglebay Norton Company, which mines, processes, transports and markets aggregates and industrial minerals in three geographically diverse segments: Great Lakes Minerals, Global Stone and Performance Minerals. Oglebay Norton primarily serves four diversified end-use target markets: construction and building materials, industrial, energy and environmental. For more information, visit