Press Release 31/08/2002


LONDON 31 August 2002: After continuous positive feedback from crew, Upper Lakes Group is stepping up implementation of Ulysses Task Assistant to manage its fleet of 18 vessels operating on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. All forms, manuals and procedures are being entered into the system, integrating the entire QS management system, with deployment on the remaining vessels being carried out during the next few months.

Since all our forms would be incorporated into the program, this would eliminate duplicate reports; the same information being processed by different departments and sent to different people on different forms is a waste of valuable time and eventually money,said Janis Aldred, Quality Assurance Manager.

Task Assistant puts in place the infrastructure for continuous process improvement, as stipulated by ISM code requirements.The first thing that stands out is the flashing note indicating an annotation attached to a manual, said Ross Armstrong, captain of the Canadian Progress, the ability to view contents, recommend change, view previous submissions and track the process for change from the original submission, through the approval and then the notification of change is great.

Task Assistant can drastically reduce the amount of time I spend in front of the computer writing about things so I could actually go out and do something I am good at: fix things, commented Chief Engineer Mark Cimon. It really looks like this program was actually designed to help ship's personnel in their paper chores as we all know very well that machinery does not fix itself and the most economical way to do repairs is to use the ship's crew.

Finding the right information, such as a manual entry, as simple as knowing which task you are performing, I will be able to scroll down the Chief Cooks role and have not only a list of his duties, but all associated forms he must complete, along with how it ties into our QA manuals. Very good!Commented Mr. Armstrong.

We are very happy with the feedback we have received from the staff at Upper Lakes, said Tom McDoniel, Executive Director, Ulysses Systems, this validates our belief that Task Assistant is not only the most innovative and efficient ship management application on the market, but also the seafarer's choice for ship-board software.

Upper Lakes are using smart form technology to make gathering and analyzing data much easier. Information from forms such as the noon report, filled out as part of normal working procedure, can be automatically retrieved and sent back to the office for immediate analysis and storage in a database.

Ulysses Systems

Ulysses is a provider of ship and knowledge management solutions to the marine and related industries built on the unique Task Assistant software platform. Our mission is to provide advanced but easy to use tools that improve operational efficiency, help staff to do their jobs more easily, and improve our clients ability to utilise computer-based information so as to give them a significantly better return on their investment in information technology. Ulysses has offices in the US, UK, Greece, Singapore, Brazil and India. 

Upper Lakes Group Inc.

Upper Lakes is a privately owned Canadian company that, along with its subsidiaries, employs over 1,000 people. With a fleet of 18 dry bulk cargo vessels that sail on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway System, Upper Lakes'' vessels are capable of handling a vast array of dry bulk commodities. Upper Lakes will soon be operating an articulated tug-barge unit that is especially constructed to carry liquid asphalt and other petroleum products. For more information, visit