Press Release 10/09/2002


LONDON 10 September 2002: Ulysses Systems and BP Shipping are delighted to announce that Task Assistant has gone live. Task Assistant will be rolled out to the fleet as each new building enters service.

BP Shipping is using Task Assistant to re-engineer its information systems in order to support a proposed doubling of its fleet size. Task Assistant will be used to integrate documentation, implement new procedures resulting from recent mergers and new regulations such as ISM, STCW 95 and ILO 180, and to manage risk.

After a thorough survey of marine and other relevant industry software, BP Shipping selected Ulysses Systems to develop a solution that addressed its requirements and delivered real benefits to shore and ship operations. Task Assistant''s task-driven architecture, intuitive user interface and its maritime pedigree were deciding factors, together with its clear commercial, operational and implementation benefits.

We chose Task Assistant because it is very flexible and could be tailored to BP's requirements. It gives us the underlying network of infrastructure for continuous improvement, incorporating our entire operational and quality management system. It facilitates control of our fleet, with instant access to information across all areas of fleet and office. It is user friendly and cost efficient, saving us administrative costs,said Capt Martin Shaw, Deputy Chief of Staff.

Managing risk is a vital concern, added Tom McDoniel, Executive Director Ulysses Systems, it is commonly accepted within shipping circles that up to 80% of accidents and incidents are caused by people. BP Shipping expects to see a reduction in this risk area.

Since information is available quickly, without lengthy searches through paper documents or filing systems, staff always have access to procedural documents, manuals and historical information. Thus safety critical information is very difficult to overlook, and BP Shipping can be sure it has made every provision to ensure that its staff are aware of the relevant procedures.

New regulatory forms such as those related to ISM are integrated into the Task Assistant and filled out as part of completing a specific Task. As much as possible of the needed information is completed automatically by the system, relieving seafarers of an unnecessary administrative burden. Masters can then return to doing what they are have been trained for: looking after the ship.

Ulysses Systems

Ulysses is a provider of ship and knowledge management solutions to the marine and related industries built on the unique Task Assistant software platform. Our mission is to provide advanced but easy to use tools that improve operational efficiency, help staff to do their jobs more easily, and improve our clients' ability to utilise computer-based information so as to give them a significantly better return on their investment in information technology. Ulysses has offices in the US, UK, Greece, Singapore, Brazil and India.

BP Shipping

BP Shipping operates 24 oil tankers, one of the world''s largest oil company fleets, which carry 160 million tonnes of oil each year. BP Shipping also operates a number of small refined-product carriers and five liquefied natural gas tankers. BP enforces some of the most stringent operating procedures in the industry, and is committed to maintaining and improving these during its planned expansion. See for more information.