Press Release 09/01/2003


LONDON 09 January 2003: To ensure best practice in quality and safety management, CSX Lines announced today its decision to deploy the Task Assistant Quality and Safety package from Ulysses Systems on all 17 vessels and in land-based offices. A detailed review of all major Safety Management Systems (SMS) available to the maritime industry found that Task Assistant was not only the most effective, but could also provide the most significant cost and time savings.

"We chose Task Assistant primarily because of its potential to reduce confusion and help focus our crews on the critical, task-specific instructions contained in our Safety Management System," explains Michael Bohlman, Director Marine Services, CSX Lines. "With Task Assistant they can quickly reference the material they need for each specific task without having to wade through all the procedures and policies that are in place."

CSX Lines currently publish their SMS in pdf format. Although this provides an easy to use front-end, it is an extremely labour intensive process to set up all the links that need to be in each document to maintain the system-critical connectivity between documents. Updating these links every time a document changes is a drain on resources that is eliminated by Task Assistant. Task Assistant allows manuals to be easily written, up-dated and controlled with minimal effort.

Ulysses Systems developed Task Assistant with continuous practical maritime input from the managerial staff and crew at all levels of a traditional shipping company. The task-orientated design intuitively provides the user with all the information and tools that may be needed to perform the specific task at hand. Not only does this significantly reduce the time taken to perform a task but also reduces training time tremendously and integrates all IT steps into a continuous intuitive business process.

"With Task Assistant, our clients are satisfied that they have gone far beyond procedural compliance to ensure they have minimised risk as much as possible and above all can readily demonstrate this to clients," comments Panteleimon Pantelis, Director, Ulysses Systems (UK) Ltd.

CSX Lines, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of CSX Corporation, is based in Charlotte, N.C., with 20 offices throughout the United States. CSX Lines provides domestic ocean-liner service and operates 17 U.S. flag vessels with 23,000 containers along six service routes between the continental United States and Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. CSX Lines also operates port terminals in Anchorage, Kodiak and Dutch Harbor, Alaska; Honolulu, Hawaii; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Apra, Guam.

Ulysses Systems was established in 1996 to provide business technological services to the marine industry based upon advanced information systems that help people work intuitively without special software training. Task Assistant is the award-winning software that makes information processing fundamentally more efficient and provides cost savings in the order of $70,000 per vessel per year purely from minimizing information gaps.