News Article 09/12/2004

'Task Assistant installed on 600 ships says Ulysses' by David Osler (Lloyds List - Thursday December 9th,2004)

By David Osler
SHIPMANAGEMENT software specialist Ulysses Systems has announced that Japanese shipping major M.O Ship Management is using its Task Assistant program.
Other recent clients include Tecto, Iino Marine Services, World Tankers and Andriaki Shipmanagement.
Task Assistant will be installed on over 600 ships by the end of this year, Ulysses claimed.
Furthermore, the system was singed out for Praise in Stena's 2004 annual report.
Ulysses' Panteleimon Pantelis claimed that only his companys product linked every aspect of information management with what users actually do in their jobs.
This removes the burden of linking new processes and new demands to existing practices, thereby allowing the coordination of an increased number of interrelated activities, he added.
Task Assistant is said to be especially suitable for meeting the requirements of the Tanker Management and Self Assessment criteria introduced by major oil companies, which goes beyond the International Safety Management Code.