News Article 10/12/2004

World Tanker and Andriaki Shipping adopt Task Assistant (NEWSFRONT- Vol.5 / No.46 - December 10, 2004- p.13)

World Tankers and Andriaki Shipmanagement are among the shipping companies to most recently adopt Task Assistant, Ulysses System''s shipmanagement software which enables companies to co-ordinate the quality, safety and operational requirements they now face. Indeed the U1ysses system is now installed on over 600 ships. Panteleimon Pantelis, U1ysses'' chief business consultant, notes the challenges for shipmanagers are increasing, particularly for tanker managers with the introduction of Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) criteria by all the major oil companies. TMSA goes well beyond previous management requirements such as the ISM Code. Pantelis commented: "Increasing standards in change management, risk management and route cause analysis, to take just a few examples, will need to be superimposed over existing practices. In order to effect a co-ordinated transition, there is a need for connecting new, improved practices with what people actually do today."