News Article 10/01/2005

600 vessels with Task Assistant from Efoplistis Magazine ( Efoplistis- Issue 141- January 2005- p.113)

Ulysses Systems' Task Assistant Shipmanagement software is helping many of the world's leading shipmanagers with the challenge of running safe, productive ships. Major new clients are in the process of implementing Ulysses' software across their fleets joining existing users - Assistant will be installed on over 600 ships by the end of the year 2004.
Stena, which has been using Task Assistant for some time, writing in their most recent Annual Report, said:
To further improve the Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System and to assist in achieving a higher degree of safety and efficiency by helping personnel focus
on critical, task specific processes, Ulysses' Task Assistant is being deployed throughout the managed fleet.

Stena, Annual Report, 2004

Challenges for shipmanagers are increasing, particularly for tanker managers with the introduction of Tanker management and Self Assessment (TMSA) criteria by all the major oil companies. TMSA goes well beyond previous management requirements such as the ISM Code.

Panteleimon Pantelis, Ulysses Chief Business Consultant commented, Increasing standards in Change Management, Risk Management and Route Cause Analysis, to take just a few examples, will need to be superimposed over existing practices. In order to effect a co-ordinated transition, there is a need for connecting new, improved practices with what people actually do today. Only Ulysses explicitly links every aspect of information management to what each user really does every day. This removes the burden of linking new processes and new demands to existing practices and thereby allowing the co-ordination of an increased number of interrelated activities.

No increase in management layers - Information management is certainly not the only constituent to TMSA demands. The vast majority of the increase in work is making sure that new practices are carried out as designed. As with any increase in management standards, practical information technology tools can increase an organization's capacity to manage more issues without adding extra layers of management.

Software that's easy to use - The development of Task Assistant has focused on Usability: liberating seafarers and their counterparts in the office from concerning themselves on how to manage information or demonstrate their competence. This allows them to do what they were trained to do - efficiently manage their vessels and minimise risk.

Ulysses - Efficient and happy seafarers, better managed and safer ships, Operational savings satisfied charterers too!